Services Offered

Mr. Mogensen provides the following types of services:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mr. Mogensen represents both buyers and sellers of businesses, business units and product lines regarding their transactions including drafting and negotiating appropriate agreements and assisting in the due diligence required to complete a transaction.  Mr. Mogensen can also advise on appropriate transaction structures to achieve the most positive tax results to which the client is entitled.

Business Formations, Structuring and Financing

Mr. Mogensen can assist in forming various types of business organizations, including corporations (both S corporations and C corporations), limited liability companies, limited partnerships and general partnerships, and in various jurisdictions including California and Delaware.  Mr. Mogensen can advise and document agreements among equity holders with respect to rights, privileges and restrictions with respect to the ownership interests, as well as buy-sell rights and obligations regarding those equity interests.  Mr. Mogensen can also assist in creating appropriate documents for ongoing relationships with employees and independent contractors, including appropriate employment and independent contractor agreements, and appropriate equity incentive plans for employees and independent contractors, including option plans, restricted stock plans and phantom equity plans.  Mr. Mogensen can also assist issuers and investors in connection with financing transactions, including convertible debt and equity financing.

Technology Licensing

Mr. Mogensen represents numerous technology clients in connection with their licensing requirements, including inbound and outbound licensing transactions, and in the drafting and negotiation of appropriate agreements with respect to such transactions.

 Real estate transactions

Mr. Mogensen represents clients in nearly all aspects of real estate, including purchasers, sellers, tenants, landlords, borrowers and lenders.  Mr. Mogensen also represents both investors and promoters in syndicated real estate transactions and other complex real estate transactions.  Mr. Mogensen can also advise clients with respect to tax issues arising out of these transactions, and can creatively plan and structure transactions to achieve the tax results which the client is entitled to under current tax laws.

Tax Planning

With an extensive background in taxation, Mr. Mogensen can advise clients with respect to the best structures and planning opportunities to assist his clients in obtaining the tax advantages and opportunities to which the client is entitled to under applicable law.

Other Commercial Transactions

Mr. Mogensen can also assist in various other commercial transactions including outsource manufacturing agreements, sales representative agreements, distributorship agreements, patent license agreements and various other commercial transactions.